Does Hyundai have a tracking device?

Does Hyundai have a tracking device?

 ·  September 4, 2023

We know safety is one thing on which you would never want to compromise when it comes to your car. As the number of cars present on the road keeps on rising, finding a secure car becomes quintessential. We can’t deny theft, which is, again, a great problem to tackle in the case of a stolen vehicle. At times, cars go missing, and this causes a lot of hassle and problems for the owners, so what is the solution for all these issues? Maybe a tracking device! 

If you own a Hyundai car, you are sure to wonder if your car has some safety features like this on your device. In this article, we are going to look into the same question. 

Understanding the need for a tracking device on cars?

Having a tracking device on your car can truly be a lifesaver in many situations:

Vehicle security

When you have a dependable tracking device installed on your car, it surely makes your car more secure. Suppose even if your car is lost, with a tracking device there on your car, authorities can easily locate the vehicle. Having such a security measure reduces the chances of your losing your car forever.  

Driver monitoring

You might have given your favourite car to your children or friends to drive, but what if you want to know how they are driving the car? In this case, a tracking device can be your go-to help. Modern tracking devices are well-equipped to help you track your car’s real-time information like speed and acceleration.

Emergency assistance

We hope it never happens, but what if your car meets an accident and you are in no condition to get help? A good tracking device can be of great help in that case, too. Such devices have automatic crash-detection features and SOS buttons; these features can act as lifesavers by informing the relevant authorities and contacts on time. 

Insurance discounts

Having a tracking device installed is not only good for your car but also good for your pocket; wondering how? These devices can provide the insuring authorities with valuable information that can be used to assess the risk to the car. Moreover, this can help the insurance companies offer you lower premiums. 

What to remember when buying a tracking device for your personal car?

To make an informed choice while buying a tracking device for your car, remember these factors:

Have a defined goal in mind.

Your goal may be theft protection, monitoring driving habits, or even enhancing personal safety. The purpose of installing a tracking device on your car should be very clear to you so you know what sort of device you want to buy. 

Consider mobile app and easy UI

To make sure the usability is seamless, it is always better to check the compatibility and user-friendliness of the accompanying app. It is always best to choose a tracking device that offers more features embedded with the application or web interface. 

Added advantage of geofencing

As a smart buyer, you should ask the seller if the tracking device supports geofencing. Geofencing is a great feature that allows you to create virtual boundaries for your car. It helps keep you alerted in case your car enters and exits any boundary you set. 

Battery usage and life

When you are spending your hard-earned money on such a device, you would not want to waste your money on a tracking device that does not last long. There are a variety of such devices available in the market; some might rely on your car’s battery, while some may need external battery support. Choose a device that closely matches your needs.

Alerts and notifications

Cross-check if the device is able to send proper push notifications and alerts directly to your mobile phone. This is very crucial to help you keep informed of any suspected activity with your car. 

Reviews are always helpful.

You may ask for reviews from your friends or family members, especially car enthusiasts. They can help you find the most suitable tracking device for your vehicle. 

Does Hyundai have a tracking device? Answering the question

Coming to the main question, does your Hyundai vehicle have a tracking system? You are in luck if you have the latest Hyundai car because it comes with a unique tracking system. Hyundai car’s tracking system is called BlueLink. 

The Hyundai BlueLink SOS Emergency Assistance app is a great tool in case you experience a medical emergency, a collision, or a dangerous situation. With a touch of a button, you can connect with emergency assistance that can dispatch a team of quick response personnel at the site of mishap. With such a smart system installed, you won’t need to provide directions to the site of the crash. 

Another great perk of this Hyundai tracking app, namely BlueLink, is its remote door lock feature. If you ever forgot to lock your door when in a hurry, then you won’t need to go running to your car to lock it. You can simply open the mobile app and lock your car at the top of the screen. It’s that simple. 

Similarly, even if you accidentally lock your car with your keys inside. In that case, too, you don’t need to worry. You can simply use the BlueLink app to get things done in a jiffy. But you need to check if your car has the BlueLInk feature enabled. If you own an old model of Hyundai, the chances are less of you having a pre-installed tracking device. 

Concluding Thoughts

Your car safety is important, and you should not leave it to just anybody, so it becomes very important to find a place with the best tracking devices. If you are looking to install a tracking device on your old Hyundai car, then look no further than Just Hyundai Wreckers. They have the best and the most wide variety of tracking devices for your car in Australia. Choose Just Hyundai Wreckers for uncompromised vehicle safety. 

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