Buy Hyundai Staria Accessories in Australia

Buy Hyundai Staria Accessories in Australia

 ·  July 24, 2023

The Hyundai Staria is a spacious, elegantly designed SUV with next-gen safety technology. The cutting-edge technology combined with comfort and space makes Staria one of the most popular vehicles in Australia. 

With the right choice of auto parts and accessories, you can customize the SUV any way you want. Each of these auto parts gets designed to fit and work perfectly. Gaining knowledge about the model and trim of the Staria you own will make it easier to shop for the vehicle part you want. 

The most popular Staria accessories ordered by Hyundai owners in Australia include:

Exterior Accessories


  • Bonnet Protector 

The strong winds on the road tend to throw dirt, stone chips, and fragments on the windshield of your vehicle. The debris on the road will scratch the exterior of your car and make it look unsightly, with dents and scraps. 


Protect the windshield of your SUV with a bonnet protector, and it will look as good as new. The UV-resistant accessory will fit the Staria perfectly. 


  • Headlight Protectors 


Headlight protectors get designed to shield the headlights against damage caused by debris on the road or adverse weather conditions. The protectors are handy if you are an off-road enthusiast. The UV-resistant protectors are easy to install and clean. 


The lenses of the headlights also get protection from marks and chips. 

  •  Electronic Trailer Brake Controller Kit 

 The electronic trailer brake controller kit enables you to manage the braking power better. The controller kit will reduce the chances of crashing by activating the brakes. 

  •  Locking Wheel Nuts and Keys 

 The locking wheel nuts and keys help protect the Staria wheels from theft. The nuts and keys provide an extra layer of security against unauthorized removal of the SUV wheels. The accessory is available for different models and trims of the Hyundai. 

  •  Stainless Steel Nudge Bar

 If you want to protect the front of your vehicle from scrapes and bumps, you should invest in a stainless-steel nudge bar. Apart from protecting the car, it will also enhance its appearance. 

  •  Roof Racks

 Roof racks get designed to accommodate various cargo carriers, including roof boxes, ski racks, and bike racks. It provides additional storage space for luggage, outdoor gear, and sporting equipment, making them ideal for road trips and outdoor adventures.

  •  Bike Racks 

 Hyundai offers different types of bike racks to suit various needs. Roof-mounted bike racks keep bicycles secured on the roof, leaving the rear of the SUV accessible. Hitch-mounted bike racks attach to the rear hitch receiver, making loading and unloading bikes easier. Trunk-mounted bike racks fit over the rear hatch or trunk and are easy to install and remove.

  •  Hitch Receivers

 Hitch receivers allow you to tow trailers, camper vans, or other towing accessories. The accessories come in various classes based on their towing capacity, and the appropriate hitch receiver should get selected based on the intended towing load.

  •  Splash Guards/Mud Flaps

 Splash guards or mud flaps are installed behind the tires to protect the SUV's paintwork from mud, rocks, and road debris. The accessory helps prevent debris from being thrown onto other vehicles.

  •  Side Steps/Running Boards

 Side steps or running boards provide a convenient and stylish step for passengers to enter and exit the SUV. The side steps and boards are beneficial for children and older people.

  •  Fender Flares

Fender flares are extensions added to the wheel arches to create a more rugged and aggressive appearance. The accessory protects the sides of the SUV from dirt and debris.

Interior Accessories


  • All Weather Mats 

 The all-weather mats get designed to fit the exact contours of the Hyundai Staria. The low-profile lip feature helps control spills and prevent dirt and dust from reaching the vehicle floor. The design of the mats makes it easy to remove and clean the carpets. 

  •  Cargo Liner Tray 

 The cargo liner tray protects the cargo area of the vehicle. The accessory gets made from durable materials such as rubber and plastic. The waterproof materials are durable and last long. 

 With the installation of this accessory, you can protect the cargo area from wear and tear, dirt, stains, and spills. The rigid material makes it easy to remove and clean. The non-slip surface of the liner tray prevents items from slipping during transportation. 

  •  Rear Bumper Protector 

 The rear bumper protects the rear of the vehicle from scuffs, scratches, and other damages. The vehicle's rear bumper is susceptible to damage when loading and unloading things in the cargo area. The bumper protector gets easily installed, and you can attach it using straps and adhesive. 

  •  Cargo Organizer 

 If you want to keep all items in your SUV, like groceries and other similar things, organized, investing in a cargo organizer is best. The Velcro strips will help keep everything in place, and it is easy to load and unload. 

  •  Steering Wheel Cover

 Steering wheel covers add a comfortable and stylish grip to your SUV's steering wheel. The accessory protects the original material from wear and tear. It can easily get installed and removed.

  •  Cup Holder Inserts

 Removable cup holder inserts prevent spills and make cleaning easier. The accessory fits perfectly into the cup holders, ensuring a snug fit for various-sized cups and containers.

  •  Door Sill Protectors

 The protective accessories cover the door sills, preventing scuffs and scratches from footwear when entering or exiting the vehicle. It helps maintain the SUV's interior in pristine condition.

  •  Seat Covers

 Hyundai SUV seat covers come in various designs, colours, and materials, allowing you to personalize the interior while protecting the original upholstery. The covers help shield seats from stains, spills, and wear and tear, keeping them in good condition for longer.

  •  Cargo Tray

 A cargo tray is a practical accessory for the cargo area of your SUV. It provides a protective barrier against spills, scratches, and dirt when hauling groceries, sports gear, or other items. 

  •  Sunshades

 Custom-fit sunshades get designed to block harmful UV rays and reduce the interior temperature during hot weather. It protects the dashboard and other internal components from sun damage and fading.

  •  Dash Kits and Trim Accessories

 Dash kits and interior trim accessories allow you to add a personal touch to your Hyundai SUV's cabin. The kits include pieces that fit over the dashboard, door panels, and centre console, enhancing the interior's aesthetics.

At Just Hyundai, we do things differently from the average vehicle dealer. We aim to make Hyundai auto parts and accessories more accessible to all Hyundai vehicle owners in Australia. 

You no longer have to wait endlessly for the ordered SUV part to arrive as we have streamlined the entire process, making it easier to collect and access the auto part and accessories you want. 

Each aftermarket auto part gets tested for its efficiency and performance before they get listed on the website. We believe in providing superb customer service to all our customers, which has enabled us to become the most preferred aftermarket auto parts shop in Australia. 

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