Buy Hyundai Kona Roof Rack In Australia

Buy Hyundai Kona Roof Rack In Australia

 ·  August 10, 2023

A roof rack is your perfect companion to expand your vehicle’s storage capacity for your convenience at all the adventures you set out. The utility of a roof rack on your Hyundai Kona is unbeatable and versatile, especially when your family accompanies you on road trips.

Apart from the functionality of this accessory, it also adds to the overall aesthetics of your Hyundai Kona. Let’s jump onto uncovering all the information you need to make an informed purchase for your beloved car.

Buy Hyundai Kona Roof Rack In Australia: Perks Of A Roof Rack

More storage capacity

We know that, at times, your boot space is not just enough to carry all your belongings, so you need a little extra space. Roof racks significantly add to your vehicle’s storage capacity, thus allowing you to have more luggage, gear, or equipment. A roof rack is especially useful when you often embark on camping adventures or outdoor activities and need to take bulky items like tents and sports gear with you. 

Freedom unlocked

With a roof rack fitted on your Hyundai Kona, you are better enabled to explore a range of destinations and activities. You can carry your portable tents and rowing boats all on your Kona’s roof rack and strike the chords of adventure. 


The roof racks are specially engineered, keeping all your storage and transportation needs in mind. The versatility of the roof rack is the biggest perk for anyone to buy and install a roof rack on their Hyundai Kona. You might be a cycling enthusiast or a water sports lover; a roof rack gets the job done to carry your kayaks and cycles. If that is not the case, then worry not. You can still fully personalise your roof rack based on your own specific needs. 

Sheer convenience

Usually, carrying extensive equipment and items would not even cross your mind due to the car’s limited space. But a roof rack makes things much simplified to take things like furniture and outdoor gear and can save you from spending unnecessary transportation costs. 

Save the car’s interior space

Once you install a roof rack on your Hyundai Kona, then you can place all your luggage on the car’s roof. Thus, you get a clutter-free car interior. Not only can you and your family sit comfortably in the car, but the driving experience is also enhanced and safer because of the better rear view through the window. 

Cleaner and odour-free interior

Imagine you are off to hiking adventures or maybe a beach vacation on your vehicle, and now returning back; where will you store your swimsuits or muddy boots? Having a roof rack will help you dodge all the foul odour and mess in the car as you can easily place all the toiled belonging on the roof. 

So easy to install or remove

You don’t need a mechanical engineering degree to fit a roof rack on your Hyundai Kona; it’s really simple! Many models are available in the market that doesn’t even need any drilling or complex tool to be mounted. This functionality can enable you to remove the roof rack when not in use. 

Match your style

Not only do you have the option to get a very functional roof rack mounted on your roof, but you have the option to style it as per your preferences. You might be a fan of low-key rugged designs or more flashy and pleasing ones; a perfect rack awaits you.

Secure and safe storage

The roof racks available in the market are subject to stringent quality tests before they are launched for consumers to buy. Such extensive testing allows these racks to withstand diverse speeds and conditions on your Kona. Some racks also offer lock functionality to safeguard against theft.  

Queries To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Roof Rack For Your Hyundai Kona

Does it fit?

The foremost thing you need to check before you buy a roof rack is its compatibility with your car’s model. Even the last-generation model might be different from the current one you have. 

What are the uses?

Be sure of the purpose for which you are buying a roof rack for your car, as this can help you make a more specific purchase, thus, better satisfaction. 

How much weight can it bear?

The roof rack you are looking to buy should be able to handle the load which you intend to put on them. Also, keep the rack’s weight in mind to avoid damage to your car’s roof. 

Is the material used durable?

Always go for a roof that is made out of great quality materials like steel and aluminium, thus withstand the test of time, weather and road conditions. 

Is it aerodynamically good?

Bad aerodynamics of a roof rack can hamper your Hyundai Kona’s fuel efficiency, so it is advised to go for a rack design that minimises wind resistance. 

Is the rack pocket friendly?

Roof racks can come in varied price ranges, so it is important that you have a budget decided before you go shopping. Investing in a good quality roof rack can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Buy Hyundai Kona Roof Rack In Australia: Just Hyundai Auto Wreckers

When buying a roof rack for your Hyundai Kona in Australia, it is always better to go with a trusted seller. Just Hyundai Auto has a wide range of roof racks to choose from. What’s better? They offer genuine accessories which come with a warranty so that you can make a well-informed and reliable purchase.


Choosing to get a roof rack for your Hyundai Kona is undoubtedly a smart decision, especially when you are looking to enhance your vehicle’s storage capacity. Fitting a roof rack on your vehicle opens you to a lot of adventures and has numerous benefits as well. While purchasing, ensure to check the rack for its fitting, affordability and durability. 

You can get the roof rack of your choice with the best quality materials and brand warranty with Just Hyundai Auto Wreckers in Australia. 

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